Область застосування дротяної щітки

- 2021-06-11-

Стальдротяні щітки, особливо роликові дротяні валики, зазвичай застосовуються на установках для обробки поверхні із сталі або алюмінію. Серія з нержавіючої сталідротяна щітка rollers are installed on a fully automatic high-speed brush polishing machine (brushing machine). The steel дротяна щітка roller rotates at a high speed on the upper and lower surfaces of the strip in the direction opposite to the movement of the rolling piece to remove the oxide scale. The brushed iron oxide scale is washed away with a closed circulating cooling water washing system. Generally, the thickness of the coil wire is 1.09-6.35mm, and the renewal cycle of the дротяна щітка is every 20,000 t sheet or 40,000 t steel coil produced. The stainless steel ultra-fine elastic дротяна щітка is specially used for cleaning ceramic anilox rollers. This is because the hardness of the ceramic is much greater than that of the steel wire, and the дротяна щітка will not damage the ceramic layer on the surface of the anilox roller. Ultra-fine elastic copper дротяна щітка is a commonly used and necessary cleaning tool for cleaning chrome-plated metal anilox rollers and gravure printing plate rollers, and the effect of cleaning agents is better.

Стальwire pipe brushes are generally used for industrial pipes, mechanical screw hole cleaning and rust removal, polishing and cleaning. The pipe brush process is made of steel or stainless steel wires sandwiched between two or four iron wires and mechanically twisted.